Wine Cellar Consulting

From my initial consultation with a client, I will define your preferences according to your wine cellar needs: cellar style, bottle size(s), storage capacity, regional preferences, storage or displays desired, and your dream wine 'wish list.' From this consultation we will establish a wine buying list: considering your personal taste, entertainment calendar and investment goals, to ensure that you have a cellar with the right wine for the right occasion. I will establish a restocking schedule according to your cellar inventory depletion rate and recommend new wines to maintain a versatile collection. I can also arange to re-organize, label, taste for maturity without opening the bottles (needle and argon technology) and recommend a wine inventory management system.

Are you thinking of building, developing, or enlarging a wine collection?

A custom wine cellar can enhance the beauty of your home, raise the value of your property, ensure your prized collection is protected and properly showcased. The journey to create your very own custom wine cellar is designed to plan every detail to be custom-fitted to the exact specifications of your space and budget. Whether you're looking to showcase something unique or a more practical and functional storage for higher volume cellars, our team works with you to provide options that offer the greatest possibilities in configuration. Regardless of the size, desired shape or design style of your new cellar, our professionals will assist in every step of the process to help create the perfect custom wine cellar.

Personalize Your Wine Cellar

A Wine Cellar is not just a place to store your wine; it can also be a reflection of your personality and taste. Of course, making sure your wine is protected with proper cooling and racking is of the utmost importance. But with our array of home décor, artwork and other wine cellar upgrades you can turn your cellar into the most celebrated room in your home. Chuck works with a local San Diego contractor who has spent the last 20+ years customizing homes & event spaces for clients along the West Coast. We offer anything and everything from glass walls and doors to handcrafted tile work and even personalized home décor to adorn your cellar and prized collection. So if you are looking to beautify your cellar and truly make it your own, then you have come to the right place.