About exploring.wine

After discovering several hidden gems inside bottles of wine in all price ranges I, Chuck, started a journey to learn more about why different bottles were valued above others. Wine shouldn’t be all snobbery & exclusively, but about finding the next great joy in your glass. I believe that drinking wine is a great social activity & can make a great meal extraordinary. From the great Winery owners I have met, to the great bottles found, I enjoy meandering along the way through wine regions with my wife, Carolina, or friends; follow the journey as I go Exploring.Wine of the world in a quest to find hidden gems sealed behind a cork.

I interview winemakers, talk with sommeliers, visit wine regions, and taste the greatest fermented liquid on earth in this quest. I try lots of wine from the everyday supermarket buys to premium boutique cult wines, and will always try to record an unbiased review of the experience in our glass. Follow the path I travel in search of discovery on the journey exploring.wine! This is a blog of what we’ve been drinking, what the results were, and how our love of wine became a passion. The thirst for knowledge has left us with a lot of great information to enjoy, from history to wine regions. There is an infinite amount of enjoyment on the horizon as new vintages are released & old gain more maturity as they rest in cellars around the world. We will add more to this in the near future and make sure to follow us on social media. Cheers!

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Having found my love of wine early in life traveling in Europe, after years of it taking a side seat to all other things, I am now at a point where I can enjoy, learn, research, & exploring.wine on my journey to become a Certified Wine Professional. Learning has been a life long passion and when discovering the depth of information and history there was in wine, I was hooked. I enjoy sharing what I am learning and will try to be objective in reviews of both wine & equipment.

I hold a Hospitality / Beverage Specialist Certificate from the Society of Wine Educators, am WSET - Level 2 certified and am currently pursuing my Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) with the hopes to one day pursue a Master of Wine. I am a member of the American Wine Society (San Diego Chapter), the San Diego Wine Guild, SOMM's List, The American Institute of Wine & Food, as well as The Wine Century Club. I am also a California Sustainable Winegrowing Ambassador, a Rhone Ranger Sidekick & a frequent visitor to weekly tasting events around Southern California. I take pride in participating in discussion with members & soaking up knowledge along the way. Learning a topic this complex will take many years of study & tasting, but having great company along the way to learn with is priceless.


Chuck Dowe